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Blaze Property should be your go-to partner in buying a property


No SPA Fee

We've partnered with legal experts to offer discounted rates. Enjoy a waived SPA fee for transactions conducted through the Blaze Property Platform.


Detailed Market Insights

With deep understanding and insights of the local market, we help you make a more confident buying decision.


Your Neighborhood Experts

Our dedicated team will accompany you throughout every house showing, negotiation, and every late-night discussion to secure your ideal home.


Unmatched Home Buying Support

From initial browsing to moving in, we have everything covered. An expert agent, lender, legal aide, and cutting-edge tech to amplify your home buying experience.

How it works?

1. Initiate your search Your property buying journey begins with choosing the neighbourhoods that attract you. Use Blaze Property's platform to discover properties that match your preferences. Better yet, fill out a quick questionnaire and let us curate a personalized property list for you. Once ready, share your choices with your dedicated Blaze Customer Manager who will guide you through the next steps.

2. Explore properties Set up a time to visit the properties through our platform. A member of our dedicated team will accompany you during these visits.

3. Propose an offer Set up a time to visit the properties through our platform. A licensed Blaze Property agent will accompany you during these visits.

4. Seal the deal We'll arrange for legal (if required) and finance (if required) support from our panel of experts in addition to your dedicated customer manager who will assist you every step of the journey.

5. Settle in Sign the paperwork and take ownership. Beyond handing you the keys to your new property, our dedicated team will assist you in organising the necessary change of name requirements for utilities and local council as well as recommending renovation, tenancy, insurance and connectivity solutions for your new property.

Why Blaze Property?

Our differences from traditional brokerage.

Waived SPA Fee

Unmatched user experience

Vetted property agents

Personalized gifts and experiences

Post transaction services

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